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I was born in Zeeland, a province in the south west of The Netherlands. In the eighties I moved to Amsterdam to study Fashion Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. The ideas for my work come from different sources. Nature of course is an important source with its irregular patterns and structures. But also architecture and geometrics. I love to combine the two and to play with contrasts like regular-irregular, inside-outside, light and dark. At best there appears to be something hidden in the design you didn’t see earlier, but the work must always look simple at first glance. My designs are used world wide for different products such as upholstery, wallpaper, rugs, other textiles and products for interiors and fashion.


X-Ray Diamonds

Squares, diamond shapes and small rectangles. Basically that is what this pattern consists of. But because of the soft lines and the gradients in the colors you see a lot more. Sometimes the dark lines of the diamonds are dominant and sometimes the squares. When viewed at a 45 degree angle the pattern takes a different shape. It also looks a bit like an X-ray. I like it when so few ingredients can achieve so much.

89.00 AUD / m2

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Tangram Puzzle

I saw a picture of the well-known ‘Tangram' puzzle. That brought me the idea of taking one simple shape and create with it one big, complex, elegant shape just by multiplying, re-arranging, mirroring, turning it upside-down and adding colour.

89.00 AUD / m2

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Rusty X-Ray

The square is one of my favorite shapes. But to make an interesting pattern with it you need something extra. This pattern was first created on silk. The irregularity in color and shape that was created during the dyeing process adds depth and interest to this simple shape and rythm. Suddenly you see that there are two lattice patterns. These are the surprises that I look for in my work.

89.00 AUD / m2

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Hyper Graphic

This hyper graphic design derives from a very simple design for socks I once made. Playing around with it, changing one or two colors, size, direction and some other things and voilà, there it is: a dazzling play of color, straight lines and diagonals; simple and complex. Just the way I like it.

89.00 AUD / m2

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