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With my photographs I want to have the viewer begin to see the surroundings with a new set of eyes. Something that seems dull and grey at first glance might transform into a modern piece of art when seen through the camera lens. While we hurry home from work, we should try to lift our eyes from off our cell phones. Then we might discover that there’s a sort of quiet conversation going on between lines, patterns and surfaces that are starving for our attention. I rather try to make a cut-out when I compose my photos than to depict the object straight up. Trying to make something that is familiar into something more alien is a basic idea, because it’s more interesting to let viewers interpret freely and create their own meanings taking from own experiences.


What dreams are made of

It's not often I happen to find skyscrapers that look like they're transparent to this extent. What if these clouds hadn't been playing along when I passed the building on my little walk? Maybe they're always cooperating with photographers. I don't know. I'm just happy I had my batteries charged for a dreamy day in The Big Apple.

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No sleep till Brooklyn

The famous song "No sleep till Brooklyn" by The Beastie Boys hasn't got that much to do with Brooklyn itself. Still, I was singing this song to myself when taking this photo of a famous landmark that's usually not depicted from this beautiful side but from straight up when walking across it to the other side.

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Love sees no color

We all have a color that we can relate to, that we like or dislike more than another. I like a good mixture of a little bit of everything, because life becomes more varied and interesting that way. There will always be a color in this photo that suits your mood for the day and make you happy. Remember: Life is beautiful, just add color.

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Concrete Jungle

Walking around all alone on a Sunday morning among the office and bank buildings scraping the skies, I felt like a little ant. The buildings were intimidating and anonymous, but still beautiful. I felt calm and safe although I was in another country, another city and another world. I felt free, and that's a wonderful feeling.

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